Father And Son Die By Crashing Into Each Other.

Driving accidents are quite common. The Association For Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) reports that about 1.3 million people die in road accidents each year, with a daily average of 3,287 per day. Additionally, the ASIRT reports that the majority of motor vehicles accidents happen to people between the ages of 15 and 44. Not only are car accidents dangerous, but they are also costly, costing the United States alone an estimated $230.6 billion per year and an average of $820 per person. With such a high numbers of deaths and injuries related to car accidents, it is not a surprise that there are laws made to prevent them from occurring.

In the most unexpected of ways, a father and his son passed away when in a head-on collision wherein they crashed into each other. The two victims were from the town of Backston in Alabama. The father, Jeffrey Morris Brasher, and his son, Austin Blaine Brasher, crashed their cars into each other when driving on the highway. Jeffrey died at the age of 50, and his son Austin died at the young age of 20. Jeffrey died right on the spot of the accident, while Austin passed away shortly after at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital.

Both of them were driving large vehicles; Jeffrey was behind the wheel of a 2006 ford pick-up. His son, Austin, was riding a 2004 Chevrolet truck. The specific details of the incident have not been disclosed. However, the Highway Patrol Agency has announced that the father and son were not wearing seatbelts and that alcohol was a factor in the incident.

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Tennessee School Bus Driver Arrested After Accident Kills Six Students, Injures Dozens Others.

Buses are essential for transportation in a developed, metropolitan area.  Buses carry us across state lines, transport daily commuters to work, and perhaps, most commonly, are the mode of transportation for the vast majority of students going to and from school.  Every day, millions of students file into buses all across the nation. But those buses can be very dangerous; in fact, the standard model of a school bus doesn’t even have seat belts.   Due to the number of passengers and lack of mobility, bus accidents can result in more injuries and more deaths than a standard motor vehicle.  According to statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,392 people died and over 75,000 were injured in Massachusetts bus accidents between the years of 2004 and 2008.

One of the top breaking news stories recently is the tragic incident of a school bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A bus from Woodmore Elementary School reportedly drove off a local road, turning onto its side and slamming into a tree.  Multiple police and medical crews arrived to help assist the more than thirty students who were trapped inside.  Despite the prompt response, however, six children have been reported dead, while dozens of others required immediate medical treatment.  A small fleet of ambulances transported the injured students to nearby hospitals and hundreds of donors arrived at the local blood bank to donate blood after local hospitals began to run low on supply.

While the investigation is still ongoing, officials have reportedly told CNN.com that speed was a factor in the accident and that the bus’s driver, twenty-four-year-old Johnthony Walker, has been arrested and charged with  multiple counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.  In addition to the criminal charges he now faces, the driver could also face multiple personal injury lawsuits in civil court for the injuries and deaths he caused.  And as his employer, the Woodmore Elementary School could also be potentially liable for the horrendous injuries that were inflicted upon its students.

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U.K. Nurse Nearly Killed by Texting Driver.

When driving, most people are aware of and pay attention to the road and the cars around them.  We check our mirrors before merging, use our turn signals before turning, and make sure there is a sufficient gap between us and the car in front of us.  We mainly focus on the other cars in trying to drive safely because roads are designed with cars in mind.  Some drivers, however, may forget that they must also be very aware of any pedestrians around them. If a driver negligently injures a pedestrian, they may be held financially responsible for the injuries they cause. Those injuries can be extensive as an unprotected passenger is highly vulnerable to harm.

Twenty-seven-year-old Haddie Borbely was crossing the road when she was struck by a driver who was reportedly looking at his phone to send a text message at the time of the collision.  Borbely was trapped under the car until emergency crews could rush her to the Leeds General Infirmary’s Major Trauma Centre, where it took a team of surgeons and physicians to save her life.  Borbely survived the collision, but her injuries began a long journey of recovery that would take her over a year to complete.

Borbely suffered a compound fracture of her tibia and fibula on her left leg, a depressed fracture of her right leg, a dislocated right knee resulting in multiple ruptured ligaments, and a broken right ankle.  She required dozens of surgeries and physical therapy for over twelve months, with her goal being able to travel without the aid of a walker or wheelchair and to resume her work as a neo-natal nurse.  Despite initial projections that Borbely would never walk again, over a year after her injuries, she is fully able to walk on her own.  But she still has several large scars on her legs, according to mirror.co.uk.  Borbely would not have had to dedicate a year of her life and hundreds and thousands of dollars to her recovery, however, if she had never been injured in the first place.

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