Father And Son Die By Crashing Into Each Other.

Driving accidents are quite common. The Association For Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) reports that about 1.3 million people die in road accidents each year, with a daily average of 3,287 per day. Additionally, the ASIRT reports that the majority of motor vehicles accidents happen to people between the ages of 15 and 44. Not only are car accidents dangerous, but they are also costly, costing the United States alone an estimated $230.6 billion per year and an average of $820 per person. With such a high numbers of deaths and injuries related to car accidents, it is not a surprise that there are laws made to prevent them from occurring.

In the most unexpected of ways, a father and his son passed away when in a head-on collision wherein they crashed into each other. The two victims were from the town of Backston in Alabama. The father, Jeffrey Morris Brasher, and his son, Austin Blaine Brasher, crashed their cars into each other when driving on the highway. Jeffrey died at the age of 50, and his son Austin died at the young age of 20. Jeffrey died right on the spot of the accident, while Austin passed away shortly after at the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital.

Both of them were driving large vehicles; Jeffrey was behind the wheel of a 2006 ford pick-up. His son, Austin, was riding a 2004 Chevrolet truck. The specific details of the incident have not been disclosed. However, the Highway Patrol Agency has announced that the father and son were not wearing seatbelts and that alcohol was a factor in the incident.

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