U.K. Nurse Nearly Killed by Texting Driver.

When driving, most people are aware of and pay attention to the road and the cars around them.  We check our mirrors before merging, use our turn signals before turning, and make sure there is a sufficient gap between us and the car in front of us.  We mainly focus on the other cars in trying to drive safely because roads are designed with cars in mind.  Some drivers, however, may forget that they must also be very aware of any pedestrians around them. If a driver negligently injures a pedestrian, they may be held financially responsible for the injuries they cause. Those injuries can be extensive as an unprotected passenger is highly vulnerable to harm.

Twenty-seven-year-old Haddie Borbely was crossing the road when she was struck by a driver who was reportedly looking at his phone to send a text message at the time of the collision.  Borbely was trapped under the car until emergency crews could rush her to the Leeds General Infirmary’s Major Trauma Centre, where it took a team of surgeons and physicians to save her life.  Borbely survived the collision, but her injuries began a long journey of recovery that would take her over a year to complete.

Borbely suffered a compound fracture of her tibia and fibula on her left leg, a depressed fracture of her right leg, a dislocated right knee resulting in multiple ruptured ligaments, and a broken right ankle.  She required dozens of surgeries and physical therapy for over twelve months, with her goal being able to travel without the aid of a walker or wheelchair and to resume her work as a neo-natal nurse.  Despite initial projections that Borbely would never walk again, over a year after her injuries, she is fully able to walk on her own.  But she still has several large scars on her legs, according to mirror.co.uk.  Borbely would not have had to dedicate a year of her life and hundreds and thousands of dollars to her recovery, however, if she had never been injured in the first place.

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